Parent Forum

Elrick School Parent Forum

The Parent Forum represents the all the parents at Elrick School, from nursery through to primary 7. There are meeting dates regularly during the year.

We encourage each class to have a representative to act as the point of contact between the class and the Parent Forum. Thank you to all our class reps for taking on this role. If your class does not have a representative, please contact the Parent Forum.

2019/2020 Committee

Chair – Claire Taylor

Vice-Chair – Fiona Fitzgerald

Secretary – Monique Blair

Vice-Secretary –  Christina Masih

Treasurer – Lauren Wade

Elrick School Parent Council can be contacted on the following email:

Elrick Primary School Class Reps 2019-2020

Please click on the link to download a document detailing the role of the class rep:

click to download class rep document

Class Name of Class Rep
Green Nursery Kerry Clark
Blue Nursery Judith Macdonald
P1AC Pam Cheyne

Christina Daniel

P1C Lynn Glover

Lesley Currier

P1/2N Louise Simpson

Melody Kuo

P2B Kerry Clark
P2/3Y Santana Kidd

Chrissie Simpson

P3CS Lesley Davie
P3E Lyndsay Kavanagh

Nara Morrison

P4AR Kerry Alexander
P4F Louise Milne
P4SB Lesley Davie
P5B Donna Morrison

Susan McLean

P5M Lynn Reid
P6C Alessandra Savassi

Pam Cheyne

P6M Jennifer Smith
P7A Claire Taylor
P7RD Lyndsay Kavanagh


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The Minutes

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202005 PC Minutes

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7 December 2020 MoM

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Other Useful Information

Elrick Primary School Parent Council Constitution Sept2018

Big Conversation Parent Survey 2017