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Friday 16 June 2017




Parent Workshops

We invited parents to come and find out more about the different approaches we use in school: The Learning Pit, Growth Mindset, Inclusion, Restorative Practice, Visible Learning and Computational Thinking.

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P1 Induction Evening

Please click on the link below to download the P1 induction presentation.

Transition Project 2017 Final

Summer Reading Challenge





driveAccessing Your Child’s Learning Profile
1. Access one drive by selecting the OneDrive tile on your child’s Glow account.
2. Log into your child’s account securly using thier name and password.
3. Click on the file containing your child’s profile.
4. Your child’s profile has been saved as an e-publication and will be able to be viewed with any programme that can read e-books (e.g. Kindle, Google Books Downloader, Book Creator)
5. If you wish, you can download and save your child’s profile to your own device by right clicking on the document and selecting ‘Download’.

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Elrick  enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. Everyone had the opportunity to bring a book to school and swap it for another. The music teacher popped into P2/3 to read them a story.

 Scottish Week

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Elrick Primary School have had a great fortnight celebrating Scotland! All the children learnt a Scottish poem and presented it to their class. One child was picked from each class to recite the poem at a special Scottish assembly. We all learnt how to sing ‘The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen’ and every year group learnt another Scottish song to sing. The fortnight finished off with a Ceilidh Shindig-a-thon.


Aberdeenshire Council is rolling out a new service to communicate with parents by email, text message and a new app for smartphones and tablets. A parents’ survey is available that will directly influence how the school uses the new messaging service – you can complete it at the following link;


This improved system will allow us to send home newsletters, certificates and other communication electronically, saving the school money currently spent on text message and printed newsletters. We are scheduled to begin using this technology by next summer and are seeking parents’ views on what they want to receive, delivery methods and how often they want to hear from the school. Please note, telephone and letter communication will still be used for communication that is of a sensitive or confidential nature. What’s next?

1. Update your contact details – make sure that the school has up-to-date email addresses and mobile telephone numbers for contacts. Please contact your school directly to update these.

2. Get ready – you will soon start receiving communications by text message and email once your school begins using the system. 3. If you have a smartphone, you can download an app. The Groupcall Xpressions App is now available. Once downloaded, you’ll need to authenticate your details to receive communications to the app using the email and mobile number held by the school.

Further information is available by visiting http://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/schools/parentscarers/school-communications/

 School Closures

Listed below are a few websites that maybe useful on school closure days.

Spelling games
Maths games
Maths and language games/resources – BBC Bitesize
Research weather
Various learning games
Various learning games – TOPMARKS